John Frye

I was obese for 25 years. I worked in a high-stress job, never exercised, and ate all the wrong foods. I got progressively bigger, tipping the scale at 320 pounds. I continually made all of the usual excuses: “No time to work out. Knees hurt. It is just genetics.” I was lonely and miserable and slowly destroying myself. I hit my ultimate low point in 2012. It was Labor Day weekend when I realized that I didn’t want to be fat anymore. 

I changed my eating habits and lost 40 pounds over the next six months. When I plateaued, a co-worker recommended joining a gym. I chose DAC. I felt like the only fat guy in a world of super athletes. Training with Marketa and Kendra helped me get past the fear.

That was two years ago, and I have since lost a 100 pounds by following 2 rules:

1. Show up.
2. Do whatever the trainer says. 

The best things about team training is having the collective accountability and camaraderie. We look after one another and encourage each other to try harder, to lift heavier, and not to quit. Making friends at the gym and knowing that my teammates want me to succeed is not only great for my physical health but raises my self-esteem and peace of mind. I can’t imagine living without the DAC anymore! I didn’t go on a diet. I didn’t buy a treadmill. I joined a team! I made a commitment that will forever change my life!


"I can’t imagine living without the DAC anymore! I made a commitment that will forever change my life!"

Lloyd Ballard

Lloyd Ballard did not like the way he looked at 50, and he knew what was in store down the road.

My health was pretty good and I didn’t have any chronic problems, but I realized if I didn’t do something about the weight, I would develop health problems down the road. I wanted to get in shape. I decided to try personal training at the DAC. 

I like the variety of training options. I do private workouts and group training sessions 5-6 times a week to keep me on track. The friendliness of the staff also keeps me going! My trainer, Cyrilla, is tough. She keeps me motivated. She gives me the accountability to work through it and accomplish my goals. 

I encourage beginners to commit. Do something that keeps you on track and accountable. It is easy to start. The hard part is when you plateau. Keep working through it. The weight didn’t come on in one day and won’t go away in just a few weeks.


"The friendliness of the staff also keeps me going!"

Tracy Gallagher

Tracy Gallagher had been out of shape for the majority of her adulthood, until she came to DAC. When her family began planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, she knew it was time to look past that fear.

I have always been intimidated by the gym. I wanted to shape up in order to keep up with my family and their activities. It was time for my fatigue and bad eating habits to come to an end. I had a goal and everyone at the DAC wanted to see me achieve it. From the front desk staff to the trainers – everyone made me feel welcome! 

I love team training! I participate in a combination of Foundations, Afterburn and PowerPlate training. The trainers are excellent and continue to push me while still making exercise fun. Cyrilla is my personal cheerleader and helps keep me accountable.

If you’re just beginning, start by just coming to the gym! Everyone starts somewhere. Healthy habits are a lifestyle and there are no quick fixes. 


"I had a goal and everyone at DAC wanted to see me achieve it."

John Young

John had been overweight his entire adult life and decided to make a change after he began experiencing more health issues.

I wanted to permanently lose weight and be in better physical shape. It was important to me to improve my health. I had been a yo-yo dieter for decades. I have had back and knee problems from the extra weight, and have been on medications for diabetes and high blood pressure for over 20 years. 

I began working with Jody and slowly learned how to change my eating habits. Cutting calories was hard at first, but as I began to have more motivation, it became easier. I was able to keep the weight off the right way. Because I was not “fad dieting,” I was able to keep the weight off long term. I did one hour personal training sessions with Jody. Now I do 2 hours of cardio 5 days a week as well. 

At 70 years old, I have lost over 70 pounds and have been able to stop taking all my medications. Not only can I see physical changes, but my strength and balance has improved. If you are just beginning, do not get discouraged! Make fitness a lifetime commitment.


"I've lost over 70 pounds & have been able to stop taking all my medications."