We're proud to be the leading fitness provider in DeSoto County, evolving our programming & facilities to reflect the latest trends in the fitness industry.


The Desoto Athletic Club opened its doors in 1999, opening as the first health club of its kind in DeSoto County. Today, we still operate under the same ownership but the club itself has gone through many evolutions since its original opening date. In 2014, we completely changed our business model to better reflect the wants and needs of our current and potential member base. Traditionally, health club membership pricing is a one-size-fits-all proposition, meaning you pay a flat rate for your membership and in most cases, one is paying for amenities or services that he or she doesn’t use. Our reasoning behind the change was simple; we wanted to give the current or potential member the ability and freedom to customize his or her own membership by adding only those services that they would see themselves using. Our basic membership price starts at $19.99. One can upgrade their membership to include Hydromassage, Tanning, and Group Fitness classes at their discretion.


"a world-class team committed to offering you variety"


We have a world-class team committed to offering you variety while you exercise with us. This comes in different layers of fitness coaching within our club. We offer over 252 classes and sessions per week. Whether you are looking for a Group Fitness Class, partnered with world renowned instructors, a Team Training Session with a Personal Trainer, or a Virtual Instructor, we have options for you to participate with a Coach anytime our club is open for business. All of the coaching we offer comes in a form of what is right for you, within your budget, your time constraints and your personal level of fitness.


"coaching that's right for you, your budget, & your time."